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During 2012 summer, I travelled across the Philippines and in Vietnam. Both countries are near geographically and both were under European then American domination. However, the relation to Western culture varies from one country to another. In Vietnam only a few people speak English, so I almost didn't talk for a month, except with some students, a hostel owner's family and a gang of scammers. This gang invited tourists in their home and scammed them with a fake blackjack game. Vietnam is still closed to Western post-colonial culture. For example, the French baguette is common, music on the air is almost always Vietnamese and even if McDonald’s are in Vietnam since 2014, the fast-food chains are rare. This resistance to westernisation was fascinating but it made the Vietnamese culture more inaccessible to me. Because of this I was not hosted by locals, so I photographed Vietnam from the “outside”, then from the street.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012

Flower girl

Car is still a luxury, most of Vietnamese people use a bicycle or more recently a scooter and need cleverness to carry large loads.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012

Dong Xuan Market

A covered market built during French administration in 1889.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012

Dog Butchery

Dog meat is popular among men in Northern Vietnam. I find it disgusting, but it would be ethnocentric to judge these “barbaric dog-eaters” as inferior. I still eat meat, but knowing food processing industry's practices in developed countries (mass slaughtering of animals which have lived in horrible conditions), I do not consider myself more “civilised” than a dog eater.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012


My first time with monsoon, I had to dry my camera for two days.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012

Around Hoan Kiem lake

A pleasant park surrounds the Hoan Kiem lake, Vietnamese people come here to wander or to exercise. Here I surprised these young people. The guy seemed to be a conscript. In Vietnam military service is compulsory only for men and lasts around two years. However all university students have a military class for two months.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012


It's amusing to overlook the city from the rooftop bar of a 5 star hotel, I can gaze at rich locals and foreign expatriates. Besides I can enjoy an interesting point of view.

Hoi An, Vietnam, July 2012

Child labour

Hoi An is a magnificent museum city, almost all the historical buildings are gift shops. In addition, children are exploited at night to sell beautiful lanterns to the tourists.

Can Tho, Vietnam, July 2012

Red light

In Vietnam traffic lights are rare, it needs to cross the road slowly and let the scooters avoid you.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012


In Hanoi people were reluctant to be photographed. So I needed to frame without the viewfinder, holding the camera at the waist, then people didn't have the time to avoid me.

Hanoi, Vietnam, July 2012


At the entrance of the Long Bien bridge.