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Why prostitution? Because it's a kind of slavery that takes place in France and not in some “poorly civilised” country. It's an edifying example of multiple domination based on gender, social class, ethnicity, age, physical appearance… That what feminists seem to call intersectionality. To better illustrate these differences, I mention the price for a standard service. It should be pointed out that prostitutes are classified with many more features, it really looks like classified ads for used cars. The categorisation is made by the prostitutes themselves, the escort agencies, the classified advertising websites or by the clients when they write reviews on a prostitution forum. The project is not yet complete, I'm looking for more diversity.

Kehl, Bade-Wurtemberg, Germany, June 2015


200€, from Serbia. Irena in her walk-in closet preparing herself for an appointment with a client. I contacted hundreds of escorts on the internet, the first to accept to be photographed was Irena. She is a strong and talkative person, her life is not common. She used to be a hostess in a bar, then the owner, after that the business collapsed. To get free of debt and of her husband, she became an escort girl.

Strasbourg, France, July 2015


40€, from Bulgaria. After my experience in a house, I started with street prostitution. Along the Frères Eberts street I saw a woman so much taller than the others. After a short talk, Debbie agreed to be photographed as long as her face is hidden.

Strasbourg, France, July 2015


30€ + 30€, from Romania. Two young prostitutes in the Plaine des Bouchers street. Usually it's difficult to photography prostitutes, to get one picture I may be refused dozens of time. This time was different, when seeing me with a camera, they insisted to get photographed in exchange of a print. These women were exceptionally cheerful and had fun posing together. Some days later, I came back with the promised prints. They seemed to be happy to have theses photos, until the madam come to blame them and confiscate the prints.

Strasbourg, France, September 2015


120€, from France. At first she didn't give me her real address, she wanted to observe me from a window behind me “in case of”. After her text, I crossed the street to the real address, suddenly her pimp boyfriend opened and held the door, I smiled to him then he went out. I climbed all the floors to her attic apartment. Inside there was a TV with popular music video, it smelled hash and I saw the joint butt in an ash tray. Yasmina was wearing a tracksuit and she was a little stoned and didn't want to be photographed like that. During some minutes while she changed her clothes and made herself up, she showed me a picture of her child and confessed that she started this “job” underage and having more and more fun.

Lyon, France, January 2016


250€, from Ukraine. I have been received in a nice flat in the Croix-Rousse quarter, problably rented on Airbnb. I have seen her colleague relaxing in the living room with her computer. Then I have moved to a bedroom to photography Milana. Despite her comfortable lifestyle I became disillusioned when I saw what she has undergone from plastic surgery.

Lyon, France, March 2016


70€, from Romania. A photo on a par with the meeting, maybe the most miserable. I narrowly missed her last client, as can be seen from the remains of his tissue on the bed. She received me with her colleague, who according to her hides in a closet when she is not needed.

Lyon, France, March 2016

In line

In Lyon prostitution often takes place inside a van (BMC in client slang, French for Bordel militaire de campagne). We can see some, lined up along some street in the South of Lyon, far from touristic or commercial quarters. A desolate area, in the surroundings: a railway, a port, barracks, social housing and two Romani camps.

Lyon, France, March 2016


In front of Sanofi's offices, two prostitutes argue from their van, maybe for a place issue.

Lyon, France, January 2016


40€, from Nigeria. Inside the van was dark, only lighten by a candle. There was an oil stove, the smell and the heat made the atmosphere infernal.

Lille, France, May 2016


60€, from France. “I was in the care of the State. Once you are 18 years old, they throw you out, no matter you have a job or not. I didn't want to have a crappy low paid job. I could have go back to school but I preferred to stay outside the system. Prostitution allow me to do what I want. No boss, no fixed schedule...” Chloé is 19 years old and have 600 appointments per year. She has no taste for luxury and a large part of her incomes is used to avoid trouble with the police. For her prostitution is a lesser evil compared to wage labour.