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Toyko, Japan, July 2016


A matsuri (festival) like no other, nothing to eat or drink. This is the festival of Yasukuni, a shrine where many Japanese soldiers are deified, including 1068 war criminals. It became a symbol to the nationalists, as can be seen from the controversies at each visit of the Prime Minister of Japan. Alas, there is no festival for Nazi war criminals, what is unfortunate, at least there would be beer.

Kyoto, Japan, August 2016

Fushimi Inari

The Fushimi Inari in Kyoto is the head shrine dedicated to the “kami” Inari, god of rice and business. A crowded and popular place that can be seen in all tour guides, in the American film “Memoirs of a Geisha” as well as in the Apple’s advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone”. The long path is lined with thousands of torii. Despite their undeniable beauty, theses gates which are supposed to separate the sacred to the profane are before everything a way for companies to carve their names on them, and for the shrine to increase its profit.

Kyoto, Japan, August 2016


Here is a maiko (apprentice geisha), keeper of the traditional Japanese culture, a feminine ideal for many women, a Far Eastern myth for the Westerners. Years of apprenticeship of traditional arts, conversation, all that for the pleasure of rich and powerful men. The man who escorts her reminds me of minions hanging around brothels, by the way, they came from one of these dirty streets at a right angle to Kiyamachi…

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016


An automated train in the Tokyo Bay.

Toyko, Japan, July 2016


A salaryman entering in the red-light distric of Ueno.

Kyoto, Japan, August 2016


Kamo river, duck river.

Hakone, Japan, August 2016

Wonder of Nature

After a long and expensive trip by train, funicular and cable car up to the summit, the tourists enjoy the view and the smell of this wonder of nature.

Hakone, Japan, August 2016

Sulphur Mine

This wonder of nature is a sulphur mine. So it smells rotten egg, by the way, the tourist guides recommend to eat a “black egg” there, the local speciality.

Nikkō, Japan, July 2016


A group of children visiting Takinō shrine.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

Ordinary Street

Why are these young tourists walking in a Tokyo's red light district? These places are in fact abundant, common and well integrated in the city. Then I think, these young people are just going back to their hotel. However, the lady who is following them will maybe start her duty in one of the establishments of the Ueno district.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016


Some hostesses saying goodbye to some clients. Maybe the oldest hostess club in Tokyo. A place where the girls are paid to light cigarettes, pour drinks and have hypocritical conversations to make their male clients feel confident, important and loved. They are not supposed to have sex with their clients, but alcohol helps and with time a regular client who spend a lot of money may have a chance. But why spend a lot of money when it’s easy to have cheap sex anywhere? Because it’s more challenging then more rewarding and some clients are really in love.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

Shibuya people

At the bottom of the Love Hotel Hill.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

Pokémon Go Zombies

In Yoyogi Park. Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016


A “sekukyaba”. A place where the customers pay to have a drink and several young girls. They come one by one for a limited time, sit on the client's lap to be deeply kissed and groped. By the way, Emmanuelle is a ridiculous cult French porn film of the 70's, I recommend it to you!

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

Sugar Daddy

With his sugar baby who hides her face and gets away from him. In the love hotel area of Ikebukuro.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

Delivery Health

A kind of prostitution where clients book a girl by phone or by the agency's website, the chosen girl will be delivered at the chosen time to his home or hotel.

Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

High School Girl

A policeman is questioning a girl wearing a high school uniform who was distributing flyers. She is a part of a group of girl which I could observe during half an hour. The flyers were only distributed to Japanese looking men without women. Maybe the offered service is a walk with the client. A kind of disguised prostitution, restrained and publicised for a few years because some of the girl are underage.