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Strasbourg, France, April 2015


Strasbourg, France, April 2015


Strasbourg, France, April 2015


Ironical and reductive triptych comparing the national motto of France: "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" to the European Union.

Strasbourg, France, May 2015

Tower of Chemistry

This modern tower is a part of the University of Strasbourg. Student legends surround the place, the building is not liked and it was planned to demolish it.

Strasbourg, France, May 2015


The atmosphere changes during the Night of Museums. The greenhouse's lighting reveals a parade of shadows mixing humans and plants.

Strasbourg, France, April 2015

Parlement européen

A cold and perfect place, illustrated by a processing alluding to commercial architectural renderings.

Natzwiller, Alsace, France, July 2015

Vivisection table

In the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp.

Ardèche, France, July 2015

Cultural amusement park

The caverne du Pont-d’Arc in Ardèche is a recently open replica of the Chauvet Cave. The doors and the lights that open and switch off made people march. All is made for profit, efficiency and entertainment.

Lyon, France, March 2016

Musée des Confluences

This recently opened museum is a "third place" I like. Popular, accessible neither stupid nor lucrative.

Viviers, Ardèche, France, October 2015

The Religion Of Capital

The "cité Blanche" (French for "white city"), workers' housing of the Lafarge cement plant. The title is a reference to a Paul Lafargue's book.

Valmy, Marne, France, June 2014

Centre d'interprétation Valmy 1792

Museum about the Battle of Valmy.

Strasbourg, France, February 2014


I like this moment of the day because natural lighting balance with artificial lighting and people do not close their shutters yet.